Getting sociable

There is a word that is stalking the corridors of marketing departments throughout the land.  That word is Social Media (yes I know that’s two words but you know what I mean).

Give 'em what they want (even if it hurts)

What a company wants to say and what the visitor wants to read are often as distant as the promises of the election candidate and the deeds in office and is a gap as old as speech itself. 

Appeasing the hippo

In the days when I used to do such things I once went for a full time job.  I boned up on their web site and was shocked to realise how lowly it was on the Google page listings.  The reasons weren’t hard to find.  It had a Flash based navigation.  The content was frame based.  There was no meta descriptions to speak of…the list went on.

And don’t get me started on what all this meant for the user experience…

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